Our iconic style of photography is mostly attributed to the way we shoot, but there’s another factor that makes it unique – our signature editing. We’ve tested various techniques across the industry, and we’ve honed in on two specific styles that truly enhance any special occasion. This unique aesthetic combined with our shooting approach helps portray your story in a more compelling way. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our editing style. If there’s a particular “look” you prefer, you’re welcome to share it during our consultation.


Our Classic Vintage Film editing style is perfect for backdrops in natural and rustic environments. You can expect cinematic textures that reflect the highly sought-after film aesthetic. This type of editing will provide you with warmer skin tones and coloring that are extremely flattering in natural light. We find that the best locations for film edits take place in the mountains, open fields, barnyards or farm houses, beaches, and/or the desert. Below are some examples for your reference:


Our modern edit can be described as vibrant, crisp, and clean. You can expect the colors of the skin tones and scenery to be accurate with a pop of contrast, which yield a beautiful and timeless photo. The overall color will appear cooler and neutral, and therefore, work flawlessly in contemporary environments. Think urban cityscapes, high-rises with floor to window ceilings, and rooftops. This style of editing best resembles magazine editorials. Below are some examples:


Our Fine Art Black & White editing is used sparingly at our discretion. The intent is to turn something ordinary into extraordinary by paring it back to its most fundamental form: emotion. For us, it only makes the story stronger. Here are two examples:


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